Witkoppen Wildflower

South Africa’s oldest and best known indigenous nursery.

Our Specialties

We offer a large choice of plants that are indigenous to southern Africa. You can expect friendly and knowledgeable staff. Only environmentally friendly and sustainable methods are used to grow and look after all of the indigenous plants.

Attract butterflies

Find plants that butterflies use either as a host plant for their larva, or as a source of nectar, juice or sap as adults.

Attract birds

A growing list of plants that attract birds.

Cold hardiness

Find plants with varying levels of resistance to frost and cold weather.

Latest News

Latest updates, articles and news from the nursery.

Celtis africana

Celtis africana, one of Africa’s most stately trees, with majestic size and shape, and lovely smooth grey bark. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. An iconic African tree, the stately Celtis africana is one of our few trees that reflects the seasons...

Maintaining your indigenous garden

1. Watering. When first planted, you need to water your garden well every 1 to 3 days, depending on the weather. In hot, dry or windy weather you may need to water every day. Rather water well less frequently than poorly more frequently. Before...

Converting an exotic garden to an indigenous garden

A garden that was purely exotic but transformed into a predominantly indigenous garden. The large trees and some of the larger shrubs have not been replaced (yet). Perhaps you, like many gardeners, want to change your garden from being predominantly exotic to...