Witkoppen Wildflower  Nursery

Celebrating more than 60 Years of Growing and Supplying

Quality Indigenous Plants 

Welcome to the home page of South Africa’s oldest and best known indigenous plants nursery.

We are your natural choice for quality indigenous plants.

We offer a large choice of plants that are indigenous to southern Africa. You can expect friendly service and knowledgeable staff. We only use environmentally friendly and sustainable methods to propogate, grow and look after all our indigenous plants.

Easter long weekend

Please note that we will be closed on Good Friday, 2 April.

We will be open as usual,

                        8 am – 5 pm on Saturday, 3 April

                        8 am – 4 pm on Sunday, 4 April and

                        8 am – 5 pm on Monday, Family Day, 5 April.

We wish you all a wonderful, safe, and peaceful long Easter weekend.

Please note that we will be open as normal on Freedom Day, 27 April.

The gate to the nursery off Valley Road in North Riding Agricultural Holdings.

Attract butterflies

Find plants that butterflies use either as a host plant for their larva, or as a source of nectar, juice or sap as adults.

Attract birds

A growing list of plants that attract birds.

Cold hardiness

Find plants with varying levels of resistance to frost and cold weather.

Latest updates and articles from the nursery.

2021 March Pictures

Here are some of the photographs taken at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery and the property, Lesokeng, which is the nursery's home, during March 2021.Our Pistol-bushes (Justicia adhatoides) flowered well for the third time this season in March. Something to do with all...