Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery

Welcome to the home page of South Africa’s oldest and best known indigenous plants nursery.

We are your natural choice for quality indigenous plants.

We offer a large choice of plants that are indigenous to southern Africa. You can expect friendly service and knowledgeable staff. We only use environmentally friendly and sustainable methods to propogate, grow and look after all our indigenous plants.

Festive Season Business Hours

Please Note:

We will be close at 13:oo on Monday, 24 December.

We will be closed for Christmas Day, Tuesday, 25 December and the Day of Goodwill, Wednesday, 26 December.

We will also close at 13:00 on Monday, 31 December.

We will be closed for New Year’s Day, 1 January 2019.

Other than the days mentioned we will be open at our normal times:

                  Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 17:00.

                  Sunday from 08:00 to 16:00.

Worm Farms

We are selling worm farms, earthworms and worm castings for WormFarms.co.za.

We are doing this as a service to both our clients and to WormFarms.co.za and so we are not marking up their prices on the worms or the farms at all. We therefore ask you to please either pay by cash or do an EFT directly to their account (FNB Branch 250655 (Sunninghill), Account 622 6528 3144) and send us the proof of payment (witkoppen@webmail.co.za).



December Specials

These prices are valid only for the month of December 2018 or while stocks last.



Cineraria saxifraga

Wild Cineraria, Geelblom

No. 4 bag

Normal Price: R27.50

Special Price: R19.25

Dyschorista spp. nova

No. 4 bag

Normal Price: R29.50

Special Price: R20.65

Dombeya pulchra

Silver Dombeya, Silverdrolpeer

Letaba (8l) bag

Normal Price: R95.00

Special Price: R66.50

Freylinia lanceolata

Yellow Honey-bells,


20l bag

Normal Price: R225.00

Special Price: R157.50

Justicia adhatoides

Pistol-bush, Pistoolbos

No. 5 bag

Normal Price:  R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Kraussia floribunda

Rhino-coffee, Renosterkoffie

No. 5 bag

Normal Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Leucosidia sericea


No. 4 bag

Normal Price: R69.00

Special Price: R48.50

Peperomia blanda

Large Wild Peperomia

No. 5 bag

Normal Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Psychotria capensis

Black Bird-berry, Swartvoelbessie

No. 5 bag

Normal Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Salvia triangularis

Lilac Creeping Salvia

No. 4 bag

Normal Price: R27.50

Special Price: R19.25

Sclerochiton harveyanus

Blue-lips, Bloulippe

No. 5 bag

Normal Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Tulbagia violacea “Silver Lace”

Silver Lace Wild Garlic

No. 4 bag

Normal Price: R27.50

Special Price: R19.25

Please note that customers will be limited to 3 plants of each species of shrubs and trees and 20 plants of each of the groundcover species, and that no further discounts will be given on these plants during the month of December.

Attract butterflies

Find plants that butterflies use either as a host plant for their larva, or as a source of nectar, juice or sap as adults.

Attract birds

A growing list of plants that attract birds.

Cold hardiness

Find plants with varying levels of resistance to frost and cold weather.

Latest News

Latest updates, articles and news from the nursery.

Leonotis leonurus

Leonotis leonurus, Wild Dagga, is a very showy shrub and valuable addition to a garden. It bears stacks of whorls of bright, orange flowers towards the upper reaches of the stems. These nectar rich flowers are a big draw-card for sunbirds, other nectar feeding birds...