Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery

Welcome to the home page of South Africa’s oldest and best known indigenous plants nursery.

We are your natural choice for quality indigenous plants.

We offer a large choice of plants that are indigenous to southern Africa. You can expect friendly and knowledgeable staff. Only environmentally friendly and sustainable methods are used to grow and look after all of the indigenous plants.

September Specials

Valid for September 2018 or while stocks last.

All our grasses in No. 4 bags have been reduced from R25.00 to R19.50.

Carpobrotus dimidiatus, Natal sour fig, in No.4 bags down from R25.00 to R19.50.

Eriocephalus africanus, Wild rosemary, in No.4 bags down from R39.50 to R29.50.

Pavonia praemorsa, Yellow mallow, in No. 4 bags reduced from R39.50 to R29.50.

Searsia pentheri, Crowberry, in No. 5 bags reduced from R79.00 to R65.00.

Searsia rehmanniana, Blunt-leafed currant, in Letaba (8 litre) bags reduced from R105.00 to R85.00.

Vachellia robusta subsp. robusta, Broadpod robust thorn, in Letaba (8 litre) bags reduced from R95.00 to R75.00.

Attract butterflies

Find plants that butterflies use either as a host plant for their larva, or as a source of nectar, juice or sap as adults.

Attract birds

A growing list of plants that attract birds.

Cold hardiness

Find plants with varying levels of resistance to frost and cold weather.

Latest News

Latest updates, articles and news from the nursery.

Tecomaria capensis

Tecomaria capensis, the Cape Honeysuckle, is one of our most colourful shrubs and is a magnet for Sunbirds. This beautiful, free-flowering, evergreen shrub is fast growing, drought resistant and easy to grow. Tecomaria capensis normally has bright orange-red trumpet...

Searsia lancea

Searsia lancea (= Rhus lancea) is a very drought and cold hardy evergreen tree, the Karee is a symbol of South Africa’s dry interior. Reasonably fast growing, it is happy in most soils, even poor draining types. May be used for screening or as a shade tree. In the...

Pycnostachys urticifolia

Pyncinostachys urticifolia produces the most beautiful cobalt blue flowers in autumn and early winter.     Despite having the most amazing cobalt blue flowers and being a versatile garden shrub, Pycnostachys urticifolia (Blue Boys) is not well known nor more widely...