November 2021Plants with Special Prices

The plants listed below are on special till 1 December, while stocks last or until the list for December 2021’s specials is published if that is after 1 December.

Customers are restricted to 20 bulb or groundcover plants or 5 other plants of each of the varieties per customer.

The plants with green plant names have online blogs. Click on the name or the picture above the name to access the blog for that plant.

Free flowering Bauhinia natalensis.

Bauhinia natalensis

Dainty Bauhinia, Fynbeesklou

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R195.00

Special price: R136.50

Cheilanthus vitidis var. glauca is an attractive fern.

Cheilanthus viridis

Green Cliff Brake (Fern)

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R55.00

Special price: R38.50



Clivia miniata is very showy in flower.

Clivia miniata

Clivia, Bush Lily, Boslilie

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R42.50

Special price: R29.75


Crinum bulbispermum has large pink and white flowers in spring.

Crinum bulbispermum

Orange River Lily, Oranjerivierlelie

N4 (2.8l) bag; Price: R69.00

Special price: R48.30




Drimiopsis maculata has spotted leaves and erect spikes of small white flowers.

Drimiopsis maculata

Spotted-leaved Drimiopsis

N4 (2,8l) bag; Price: R25.00

Special price: R17.50

Ehretia rigida bears many small berries that turn orange when ripenig.

Ehretia rigida

Puzzle Bush, Deurmekaarbos

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R120.00

Special price: R84.00

Eucomis autumnalis flowers are on erect spikes that look like a pineapple.

Eucomis autumnalis

Common Pineapple Flower

N4 (2.8l) bag; Price: R45.00

Special price: R31.50

Freylinia tropica shrub

Freylina tropica

Blue Honeybells, Bloeheuningklokkies

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Nerine filifolia has attractive pink flowers on a rounded umbel.

Nerine filifolia

Grass-leaved Nerine

N4 (2,8l) bag; Price: R35.00

Special price: R24.50

Schotea brachypetala flowers

Schotea brachypetala

Weeping Boerbean, Huilboerboon

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R105.50

Special price: R73.50

Setaria megaphylla has beautiful pleated blades.

Setaria megaphylla

Broad-leaved Bristle Grass

N4 (2.8l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special price: R20.65

Strychnos spinosa is an attractive, deciduous small tree.

Salvia africana

Blue African Sage, Bloublomsalie

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R195.00

Special price: R136.50

Senegalia goetzei is a smallish Thorn Tree.

Senegalia goetzei

Purplepod Thorn, Perspeuldoring

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R289.00

Special price: R202.30

Vachellia karoo flowering

Vachellia karroo

Sweet Thorn, Soetdoring

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R120.00

Special price: R84.00



Vachellia robusta robusta is a small thorn tree.

Vachellia robusta robusta

Broad-bean Robust Thorn, Enkeldoring

N20 (20l) bag; Price: R269.00

Special price: R188.30


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