September 2021Plants with Special Prices

The plants listed below are on special till 1 October, while stocks last or until the list for October 2021’s specials is published if that is after 1 October.

Restricted to 20 bulb or groundcover plants or 5 other plants of each of the varieties per customer.

The plants with green plant names have online blogs. Click on the name or the picture above the name to access the blog for that plant.

An attractive Agapanthus hybrid flower.

Agapanthus ‘Nana Blue’ 

Dwarf Blue Agapanthus, Kleinbloulelie

A frost hardy, evergreen, bulbous groundcover. 35 * 35cm. Flowers Nov till Mar. Needs moderate water.

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special price: R20.65


An Aloe arborescens plant in Johannesburg.

Aloe arborescens

Krantz Aloe, Kransaalwyn, sekgopha

An evergreen, open large shrub or small tree. 1 – 2 * 1 – 3 m. Drought and cold hardy. Flowers May – Jul.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R95.00

Special price:  R66.50

Aristea ecklonii flowers are white to deep blue.

Aristea ecklonii

Blue Stars, Bloesterre

A mostly evergreen, bulbous groundcover. 1m * 30 cm. Cold hardy, but likes regular water. Grows in sun or partial shade. Flowers Aug – Mar.

N4 (4l) bag; Price: 29.50

Special price: R20.65


Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum' has variegated, arched strap-like leaves.

Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’

Variegated Hen-and-chicken, Hen-met-kuikens

An evergreen, groundcover with variegated strap-like leaves.  5 – 10 * 4 – 8 m. Semi-hardy to cold. Regular water.

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special price: R20.65


Combretum erythropyllum is a single stemmed tree with a rounded crown.

Combretum erythrophyllum

River Bushwillow, Riviervaderlandswilg

A deciduous tree with a rounded crown, 8 – 10 * 4 – 8 m. Very cold hardy, does best with regular water. Autumnal colours.

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R120.00

Special price: R84.00

Crassula ovata flowers are small white star-shaped in tight round clusters.

Crassula ovata

Jade Plant, Pink-joy, Plakkie, Kerkelbos

An evergreen succulent shrub, 1 – 2 * 1 -2 m. Water wise and cold hardy. Tight clusters of small white to pink flowers, May – Sep. Good large pot plant.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Dovyalis caffra fruit can be very showy.

Dovyalis caffra

Kei-apple, Kei-appel, mohlono

A deciduous shrub or small tree, 2 – 4 * 2 – 4 m.  Female plants bear edible fruit that are eaten by birds. Very good plant for a security hedge.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Freylinia lanceolata has cream-yellow flowers.

Freylinia lanceolata

Honey-bells, Heuningklokkies

A hardy, dense, evergreen shrub or small tree, 3 – 5 * 2 – 4 m. Fragrant flowers all year. Cold hardy but likes regular water. A good screening plant.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R179.00

Special price: R121.10

Jasminum stenelobum flowers.

Jasminum stenolobum

Hairy Jasmine

An evergreen scrambler or creeper up to 5 m. Partial shade. White, fragrant flowers between Sep and Oct. Very showy.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

A photograph of a Metarungia galpinii flower spikes.

Metarungia longistrobus

Sunbirdbush, Suikerbekkiebos

A large, evergreen, shrub. 2 * 2 m. Semi-hardy in cold and likes regular water. Flowers attract sunbirds, Jan – Mar.  Plant beneath larger trees.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R179.00

Special price: R121.10

Flowers of Plectranthus hillardie x saccatus are borne on vertical inflorescences.

Plectranthus hillardiae x saccatus

An evergreen small shrub, treat as a groundcover. 50 * 50 cm. Flowers from Nov – Mar. Semi-hardy to cold, likes regular water. Grow in partial shade. Cut back in Oct.

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R32.50

Special price: R22.75

Pavonia praemosa bears yellow hibiscus-shaped flowers.

Pavonia praemosa

Yellow Mallow

An attractive evergreen shrub. 2 * 2 m Cold and drought hardy. Flowers all year but peaks in spring and again in autumn.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R195.00

Special price: R136.50

Polygala myrtifolia flowers.

Polygala myrtifolia

Septemberbush, Bloukappie

An evergreen large shrub or small tree. 2 – 3 * 2 m. Cold hardy, but water regularly water. Grow in more sun than shade. Flowers all year.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Senagalia galpinii is a large, deciduous tree.

X Ruttyruspolia ‘Phyllis van Heerden’


A semi-hardy, evergreen large shrub/scrambler. 2 – 3 * 2 – 5 m.Prune back in October to retain shape and vigor. Flowers Oct – Mar.

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R120.00

Special price: R84.00

Senegalia caffra is a well shaped tree.

Senegalia caffra

Common hook thorn, Wag-‘n-bietjie

Small to medium sized, deciduous tree. 5  – 8 (14) * 4 – 8m. Very drought and cold hardy. Thorns, a good security tree. Flowers Sep – Oct.

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R120.00

Special price: R84.00


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