Plants with Special Prices in June 2022

These plants are being sold at discounted prices for June 2022, while stocks last or until the list for July 2022’s specials is published. Restricted to 20 bulb or groundcover plants or 5 other plants of each of the varieties per customer.

The plants with green headings have online blogs. Click on the picture or the name to access the blog for that plant.

Aloe arborescens has large inflorescence of bright orange to red flowers in winter.

Aloe arborescens

Krantz Aloe, Kransaalwyn

A much branched shrub or sometimes small tree. Often grown as a hedge. Showy winter flowers attract sunbirds.

20l bag; Price: R165.00

Special price: R115.50

Yellow Aloe maculata flower head.

Aloe maculata

Soap Aloe, Seepaalwyn

A normally stemless Aloe. Flowers on an upright, branched raceme up to 1m tall in winter. Flower colour from yellow to pink, orange or red.

5l bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Buddleja auriculata flowers are white to cream and borne in profuse, tight clusters.

Buddleja auriculata

Weeping Sage, Treursalie

A large, weeping, evergreen shrub up to 4 * 4 m. Tight clusters of fragrent cream flowers in winter early spring. Good screening plant.

20l bag; Price: R245.00

Special price: R145.70 


Clivia miniata bears umbels of stunning large orange flowers with yellow throats.

Clivia miniata

Clivia, Bush Lily, Boslelie

An evergreen, bulbous plant that has beautiful orange flowers on large umbels. Flowers in spring. Grows in shade or morning sun.

5l bag; Price: R42.50

Special price: R29.75

Crassula capitella is a succulent groundcover that has clusters of small white flowers in winter.

Crassula capitella meyeri


A groundcover succulent. Will grow up to 30 cm tall when flowering. Small white flowers along stem attract bees and butterflies in winter.

4l bag; Price: R29.50

Special price: R20.65

Dietes bicolor has attractive yellow iris-shaped flowers with 3 dark brown and orange spots near the centre.

Dietes Bicolor

Yellow Wild Iris, Poublom

A bulbous evergreen ‘groundcover’ with long graceful grass-like leaves. 80cm * 1m. Flowers between Oct and Feb. Best in full sun.

4l bag; Price: R39.50

Special price: R27.65

Euphorbia tirucalli 'Firestick' plants turn yellow and orange in winter.

Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Firesticks’

Firesticks, Kraalnaboom

A succulent shrub/small tree with attractive yellow to orange stems that brighten in winter. Prune to shape.

5l bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Hypoestes aristata gets covered with clusters of mauve flowers in Autumn or winter.

Hypoestes aristata

Ribbon Bush, Seeroogblommetjie

An evergreen shrub, 1.5m * 2m. Grows well in partial shade or sun. Semi-hardy to cold. Prune hard in spring. Good filler.

4l bag; Price: R39.50

Special price: R27.65

Juaticia adhatoides flowered well in March 2021.

Justicia adhatoides

Pistol-bush, Pistoolbos

A large shrub or small tree. 3-6m * 2-6m. It is a free flowering evergreen with large dark green leaves. Grows in partial to quite deep shade. Was Duvernoia.

20l bag; Price: R245,00

Special price: R145.70


Mackya bella flowers

Mackaya bella

Forest Bellbush, Bosklokkiesbos

An evergreen shrub, 3m * 3m. Clusters of bell-shaped white flowers in spring, very showy. Shade loving.

20l bag; Price: R195.00

Special price: R136.50

Although the flowers of Peperomia blanda are insignificant, the foliage is very attractive.

Peperomia blanda

Large Wild Peperomia

A small evergreen shrub, 50 * 50 cm. Grows in shade, but can be grown as an indoor pot plant. Cold sensitive. Water regularly.

5l bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30


The small, round fruit of Rhamnus prinoides are dark purple-black when ripe.

Rhamnus prinoides

Dogwood, Blinkblaar, Mofifi

A large evergreen shrub or small tree, up to 4 * 4m. Dark green shiny leaves. Very cold hardy, needs water and sun. Birds eat fruit.

20l Bag; Price: R279.00

Special Price: R195.00


Mature Senegalia nigrescens often have a large, rounded crown.

Senegalia nigrescens

Knob-Thorn, Knoppiesdoring

A medium to large tree, 8 – 15 * 3 – 9m. Deciduous, cold sensitive, drought hardy. A popular bonsai subject.

8l long bag; Price: R135.00

Special price: R94.50


Spirostachys africana is a semi-deciduous tree that often gets stunning autumn colours.

Spirostachys africana


Semi- to deciduous tree, 8 -12 * 6 – 9 m. Protect against cold when young, Good bonsai subject. Poisonous. Birds.

8l long bag; Price: R135.00

Special price: R94.50



The common Thunbergia alata ihas very showy orange tubular flowers with a black throat.

Thunbergia alata

Black-eyed Susan, Swartoognooi

A fast growing creeper, 3 * 2 m. Semi-hardy against cold but normaly regrows after winter. Flowers summer.

4l bag; Price: R39.50

Special price: R27.65


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