Plants that are on Special for June and July, 2020

These plants are being sold at discounted prices for June and July 2020, while stocks last or until the Specials for August 2020 is published.

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Azanza garckeana

Snot Apple, Slymappel, monato.

  • A bushy shrub or small tree. FSA 466
  • Produces large yellow Hibiscus type flowers with a dark throat. Dec -May.
  • The leaves are large as a human’s hand and have 3 to 5 handsome lobes.
  • Plant in full sun. Fairly drought and cold hardy. The fruit are edible and pleasant tasting.
  • 4 – 8 * 3 – 6 m. Plant 2 to 3 m apart.

N6 (8l long) bag; Price: R105.00

Special price: R73.50

Budleja auriculata

Weeping Sage, Treursalie.

  • An attractive, evergreen, large shrub with drooping branches with leaves with dark green upper and silver-grey lower surfaces.
  • Pompom like clusters of small, fragrant cream or lilac flowers with orange throats. Jun – Sep
  • Plant in sun or partial shade. Cold hardy but does like regular water.
  • Up to 3 m * 3 m. Flowers attract butterflies and bees.

N4(1.6l) bag; Price: R69.50

Special price: R48.65

Coleus madagascarensis “Lynn”

  (= Plectranthus madagascarensis “Lynn“)

Thicket Coleus, Ruigte Spoorsalie

  • An evergreen groundcover with attractive variegated leaves.
  • Small white flowers on short spikes, Mar – May
  • Plant in partial shade or morning sun. Tender to heavy frost and thrives on regular water.
  • Host plant to the larvae of some garden butterflies including the Garden Inspector.
  • 30 * 60 cm. Besides being a good groundcover, they are good for trailing over retaining walls and in hanging baskets.

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special price: R20.65


                 Combretum hereoense

Russet Bushwillow, Kierieklapper, mokabi, umhlalavane

  • A small, deciduous tree that gets covered with attractive russet brown fruit.
  • Its flowers are cream and borne on catkin-like spikes, often before the new leaves show,
  • but can be any time between Sep and Mar.
  • Plant in full sun. Cold hardy but protect while young. Drought hardy. A low maintenance plant.
  • 4m * 3m

N6 (8l long) bag; Price R105.00

Special price: R73.50

Cotyledon orbiculata

Pig’s-ear, Plakkie, Serilele

  • A succulent plant with large bright green flat fleshy leaves.
  • Showy, pink-red tubular flowers hang in clusters from tallish flower stalks.
  • Full sun or partial shade. Cold and drought hardy.
  • May be used in rockeries, in mixed beds or in containers on a sunny patio.
  • Plant grows to 40 cm (1 m with flowers) * 40 cm.
  • The flowers are visited by bees and birds, host plant for some butterflies.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R65.00

Special price: R45.50

Crassula spathulata

Dainty Crassula, Fyn-plakkie

  • An evergreen, flat growing succulent with small dark green spoon-shaped leaves.
  • The dainty white flowers are star-shaped and borne in clusters, at any time of the year.
  • Grows happily in sun or partial shade. They are cold and drought hardy.
  •  10 cm * 30 cm. A versatile fast growing groundcover, good as a groundcover specimen plants in pots.

N4 bag; Price R25.00

Special price: R17.50

Freylinia lanceolata

Yellow Honeybell, Heuningklokkiesbos

  • A good, evergreen screening shrub or small tree.
  • Clusters off honey scented yellow tubular flowers, at any time of the year.
  • Plant in full sun. Cold hardy. Likes regular water.
  • Plant in clumps of 3 or 5 to form an attractive informal screening hedge.
  • 3 – 5m  * 3 -4 m. Plant 3 – 4 m apart.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R169.50

Special price: R113.80


Geranium incarnum

Carpet Geranium, Vrouebossie

  • A bushy, evergreen groundcover with fine, lacy silvery leaves.
  • Many mauve to violet rounded, five-petaled flowers are borne on slender stems above the leaves. Sep – May.
  • Grow in more sun than shade. Cold but water regularly. A very showy groundcover.
  • Up to 30 cm * 40 cm. Plant at 5 per square metre.

N4 bag; Price: R29.5

Special price: R20.65

Kraussia floribunda

Rhino-coffee, Renosterkoffie, isikhuphankobe

  • An evergreen shrub or small tree. Clusters of small, slightly fragrant white or cream flowers. Sep – Mar.
  • Grows in partial sun or shade. Fairly cold hardy. Likes regular water.
  • Small edible, black fruit are eaten by humans, animals and birds.
  • 2 – 4 m * 2 – 3 m.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R225.00

Special price: R157.50

Leonotis leonurus

Wild Dagga, Wildedagga, imunyane

  • An evergreen, shrub with simple lanceolate leaves that are said to resemble the compound leaves of Dagga.
  • Bright orange, long narrow tubular flowers in whorls. Feb – Jun.
  • Best grown in full sun. May get burnt in heavy frost. Water regularly.
  • Very showy in full flower. Plants in flower attract sunbirds.
  • 2 m * 2 m. Prune back harshly after winter.

N 5 (5l) bag; Price: R65.00

Special price: R45.50

Leucosidea sericea

Oldwood, Ouhout, mosino, umtshitshi 

  • A large shrub or small, evergreen tree with a dense, rounded crown.
  • Small pale yellow flowers on erect spikes that make the plant look like it is covered with candles. Jul – Nov.
  • Grow in full sun or light partial shade. Very cold hardy. Drought hardy but happy in moist conditions.
  • A good plant for screening and for areas with poor drainage.
  • 3  – 5 (- 10) m * 5 – 6 m. Plant 3 – 4 m apart.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R69.00

Special price: R48.30

Noltea africana

Soap Bush, Seepblinkblaar, umkhuthuhla

  • An evergreen shrub or small tree with attractive foliage.
  • Tiny white flowers. Sep – Nov.
  • Grow in sun or partial shade. Cold hardy. Water regularly for best results.
  • 4 * 4 m. Plant 3 – 4 m apart. Very good, fast growing screening plant.

N5 bag. Price R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Oncoba spinosa

Snuffbox, Snuifkalbas, mothotse, umshungu

  • A deciduous, thorny shrub or small tree.
  • Very showy, large flowers with bright yellow stamens000. Nov – Apr.
  • Grows in sun or partial shade. Semi-cold hardy. Best with regular water.
  • May grow up to 6 m * 4 m. Can be used to make a good impenetrable boundary screen.

N10 (20l) bag. Price R225.00

Special price: R157.50


Pittosporum viridiflorum

Cheesewood, Kasuur, kgalagangwe, umfusamvu

  • A fairly fast growing evergreen, tidy large shrub or small tree.
  • The fragrant, small creamy-white or creamy-green flowers are borne in tight, terminal clusters. Aug -Dec.
  • The round, yellow-brown fruit capsules split open to reveal seeds that are covered with red, sticky flesh.
  • Cold hardy, but shelter young plants for 1 or 2 winters. Drought resistant but thrives with summer water.
  • Plant in full sun or partial shade. The fruit attract African Olive Pigeons and other fruit eating birds.
  • 3 – 8 m * 3 – 5 m. Plant 4 – 6 m apart. Very good screening plant.

N6 (8l long) bag; Price R105.00

Special price: R73.50

Rhamnus prinoides

Dogwood, Blinkblaar, Mofifi

  • An attractive evergreen shrub or small tree with shiny dark green leaves. FSA 452.
  • Small white flowers. Mainly between Oct – Jan, but flowers may be found at any time.
  • The fruit are small, ripening to black and relished by birds. Larval host to some butterflies and moths.
  • Best planted in sun. Very cold hardy. Need regular water.
  • 2 – 4 m * 2 – 4 m. Prune to shape. Can makes a good hedge, much like Buxus.

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special price: R55.30

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