Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery

Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery is a retail nursery that grows and sells plants indigenous to Southern Africa. We promote environmentally safe gardening practices and encourage our clients to attract birds and other wildlife to their gardens.

The view to our office during the 2018 BIG Aloe Festival that was held in July.

We know that there is far more to gardening than just the plants. There are the birds, bees, butterflies and the spiders, the soil and the earthworms and so on and on.

Gardening is all about ecology and the environment, our planet Earth and its future. It is about bringing a bit of the bush into our gardens. With this comes a to garden wisely so as not to unnecessarily poison the garden’s inhabitants and visitors, nor create problems for the environments surrounding your garden.

At Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery we are aware of the bigger picture. So besides stocking the largest choice of indigenous plant species and hybrids, our staff have a very good knowledge of the plants we sell and their horticultural needs. We give advise on the use of supporting products and sell a range that are also friendly to the rest of the environment. We stock a comprehensive range of the best organic fertilizers and pesticides. We also produce an informative email newsletter, indigeNews, and hold regular talks by authorities on indigenous gardening, urban wildlife and environment issues of importance to gardeners.

The shade-loving plants at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery are displayed beneath a large trees, including one very old Wild Olive Tree.

Sunbirds, like this Amethyst Sunbird, are frequent visitors in the nursery, not only when the Aloes are in flower.

The new Nursery is still an ‘old fashioned’ nursery laid out between and beneath the natural indigenous trees in North Riding. It is this bush that gives the nursery a very special ambiance that most first time visitors comment on. The trees also give a ‘natural’ protection to our stock from the weather and elements.

We hold two Aloe Festivals each year. “The Early Flowering Aloe Festival” is held in May and “The Big Aloe Festival” in late July and early August. These two festivals are held in partnership with our esteemed supplier, Sunbird Aloes, are famous and are major gardening events in Gauteng each winter.

Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery offers a garden consultation service and garden design for residential and commercial properties, to suit all requirements from endemic planting to formal gardens, and wildlife gardens.

We also offer our venue to garden clubs, bird clubs and other nature orientated groups for meetings. Malcolm Hepplewhite also gives illustrated talks about gardening with indigenous plants and related subjects to such organisations both in the nursery or at their regular venues.

We invite you to join us for a free cup of tea or coffee in our tea garden and experience the ambiance of our wonderful nursery.

In 2013, after 54 years in Broadacres, Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery moved to 363 Valley Road, North Riding. Malcolm opened the gates to our new home for the first time on Saturday, 13 April, 2013.