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A photograph of a Metarungia galpinii flower spikes.

Southern Orange Lips

The Plants on Special for January 2021.

The 15 plants being sold at discounted prices for the month of January 2021 include Metarungia galpinii, Southern Orange Lips. This evergreen, cold hardy shrub grows to 2 by 2 metres, has attractive foliage and interesting spikes of interesting orange-pink flowers. They will grow in sun or partial shade, The flowers attract nectar feeding birds

Click on the heading or the picture of the Southern Orange Lips to go to the list of the plants on special.

A new plant blog about Dovyalis caffra has been posted on our site.

This attractive shrub or small tree is a popular choice for making a green, inpenetrable security hedge, or for its tasty edible fruit that will also attract wildlife to gardens. Go to the blog to find out more about this plant.

We have an article titled – “10 of the Best Indigenous Plants to Grow to Attract Birds to Your Garden.”

The article briefly describes 10 Indigenous plants that in our experience are some of the best indigenous plants to grow in your garden to attract birds to your garden. The selection was extremely difficult and there are many more that could be in the list. Maybe there will be a second article with those that missed out this time.


A White-bellied Sunbird hen feeding on a Sunbird Aloes‘ hybrid Aloe.

The 3-tiered worm farms that we are selling for R1 150.00 that also includes a packet of 1 500 worms and a user’s manual.

Worm Farms


We supply worm farms, earthworms and worm castings.

The cost of worms is special, just R 250.00 for 1 500 worms.

A worm farm, including 1 500 worms and a comprehensive maintenance manual, sells for

R 1 150.00.

The worm castings sell for R90.00 for a 25 litre bag.