Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery


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Specials List for August 2022

Each month we select 15 plants sell at reduced prices. To see the illustrated list of the plants for this month click on the heading above or on the picture on the left of this paragraph.

One of the plants included in August’s list is Halleria lucida, Tree Fuchsia or Notsung.

This small to medium sized tree (in Gauteng), is one of the best plants in a garden to attract birds. This is because the tubular, orange flowers are a rich source of nectar for sunbirds and other nectar feeding birds, and the round fruit are very popular with all the fruit eating birds.

The fruit is edible. Andrea, the previous owner of the Nursery used to make a good icecream topping by cooking the berries with sugar and then removing the skins.


Male White-bellied Sunbird.

White-bellied and other Sunbirds will seek out flowering Halleria lucida plants for the nectar.