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The Plants on Special for June 2021. 

Click on the heading above to see an illustrated list of the 15 plants being sold at discounted prices for this June.

Amoungst the 15 plants on special this month is Ehretia obtusifolia, Hairy Puzzlebush or Harige Duurmekaarbos. This deciduous, multi-stemmed, large shrub or small tree can grow to 3 metres but is usually smaller when grown in Gauteng. It bears clusters of mauve or blue flowers that fade to white in spring and early summer. The fruit are attractive little red berries that are eaten by most fruit-eating birds.

Click on the picture of Ehretia obtusifolia in flower and fruit on the right to see the full list of June’s specials.

Ehretia obtusifolia flowers and fruit.
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