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The Big Aloe Festival

This year’s annual Big Aloe Festival featuring Sunbird Aloes’ beautiful hybrids, will be held at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery.  The festival will start on Friday, 19th of July and ending on Sunday the 4th of August.

The list of plants on special for July, with pictures, is now online.

The 3-tiered worm farms that we are selling for R1 150.00 that includes a packet of 1 500 worms and a user’s manual.

Worm Farms


We supply worm farms, earthworms and worm castings for WormFarms.co.za.

The cost of worms is special, just R 250.00 for 1 500 worms.

A worm farm, including 1 500 worms and a comprehensive maintenance manual, sells for

R 1 150.00.

The worm castings sell for R90.00 for a 25 litre bag.

We are doing this as a service to both our clients, and to WormFarms.co.za. We are not making a mark-up the prices of their products. WormFarms.co.za is a seperate entity from Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery, so we ask you to please either pay for their products by cash or by EFT.