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Easter long weekend

Please note that we will be closed on Good Friday, 2 April.

We will be open as usual,

                        8 am – 5 pm on Saturday, 3 April

                        8 am – 4 pm on Sunday, 4 April and

                        8 am – 5 pm on Monday, Family Day, 5 April.

We wish you all a wonderful, safe, and peaceful long Easter weekend.

Please note that we will be open as normal on Freedom Day, 27 April.


The Plants on Special for April 2021. 

Click on the heading above to see an illustrated list of the 15 plants being sold at discounted prices for this April.

Included in April’s specials is Arctotis ‘Purpureus’, a colourful, sun-loving groundcover.


A carpet of Artotis 'Purpureus' in flower.

March 2021 picture portfolio

We have introduced a new feature to our website. At the start of each month we will publish a selection of photographs of plants, animals and life here at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery and Lesokeng during the previous month. So this month’s portfolio is a selection of the pictures taken during March. We do hope you will enjoy them and please let us have feedback as to what you think of the choice of subjects.

Click on the heading above, or on the picture on the right, to go to the new portfolio.

The bright yellow flowers of Orbea lutea smell terrible.

Welcome to the Witkoppen Wildflower Team, Chelsea!


We are pleased to welcome Chelsea Bloem to our team.

As a child Chelsea lived in Knysna and spent a lot of her free time in the forests, where her intrest in plants first started.

Chelsea has a talent for drawing and designing,  that lead her to do a Landscape Design course. While doing the course, Chelsea realized that she has a pasion for plants, in particular in propogating and growing them.  Chelsea approached us to provide her with an oppertunity to become a trainee nurserywoman. She says she is excited to be given this oppertunity, as we are to have her on the team. at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery. Here is to a long and fruitful future together.

One of her goals is to one day own and run her own nursery offering quality organicaly grown plants.



Chelsea Bloem

The 3-tiered worm farms that we are selling for R1 150.00 that also includes a packet of 1 500 worms and a user’s manual.

Worm Farms


We supply worm farms, earthworms and worm castings.

The cost of worms is special, just R 250.00 for 1 500 worms.

A worm farm, including 1 500 worms and a comprehensive maintenance manual, sells for

R 1 150.00.

The worm castings sell for R90.00 for a 25 litre bag.


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