Plants that are on Special for May 2020

These plants are being sold at discounted prices for May 2020, stocks last or until the Specials for June 2020 is published.

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Asystasia gangetica

Creeping Foxglove.

  • An attractive groundcover that grows flat but will climb up if there is suitable support.
  • Produces many tubular Mackya bella like flowers. Sep -Apr.
  • Plant in partial shade or full sun. Fairly drought and cold hardy. Plants may burn in severe frost.
  • Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Host plant to some very attractive garden butterflies’ larvae.
  • 30 * 60 cm. Plant at 3 per sq. m.

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R25.00

Special price: R17.50

Bauhinia tomentosa

Yellow Bauhinia, Geelbeesklou

  • An evergreen large shrub or small tree.
  • Showy large butter-yellow bell-shaped flowers. Dec – Mar.
  • Plant in sun or partial shade. Drought and cold hardy.
  • 4 – 6 m * 3 – 5 m. A free flowering and worthy garden plant.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R195.00

Special price: R136.50

Combretum kraussii

Forest Bushwillow, Bosvaderlandswilg

  • A mostly evergreen, fast growing small to medium sized tree.
  • Creamy white catkins, surrounding leaves often turn white. Sep – Oct.
  • Plant in sun or partial shade. Drought and cold hardy.
  • 6 – 10 * 6 – 8 m. Can be pruned to desired shape. Ideal shade tree for small gardens
  • Beautiful autumn colours through winter.

N6 (8l) bag; Price: R105.00

Special price: R73.50


                 Diospyros austro-africana

Fire-sticks Star-apple, Jakkalsbos

  • An evergreen dense shrub. Many small, attractive pink flowers Aug – Nov.
  • Red to black berries attract birds.
  • Grow in sun. Very cold and drought hardy. A low maintenance plant.
  •  3m * 3m

N6 bag; Price R105.00

Special price: R73.50

Dymondia mararetae

Silver Carpet, Tapytmadeliefie

  • A very flat growing, evergreen groundcover with attractive silver-green leaves.
  • Smallish yellow daisy flowers, all year.
  • Grows best in full sun. Cold hardy. Drought hardy.
  • A good lawn substitute and between pavers.
  • 5 cm * 30 cm. Plant 5 to 6 per sq. metre.
  • The flowers are visited by bees and butterflies.

N4 bag; Price: R27.50

Special price: R19.25

Dyschoriste thunbergiflora

Purple Bells, Persklokkies

  • An attractive small evergreen shrub.
  • Flowers are lovely deep blue to purple, tubular flowers. Nov – Apr.
  • Grow in sun or light partial shade. Semi cold hardy and do like regular water.
  •  1.2 m * 1 m. Free flowering and a lovely garden plant

N4 bag; Price R39.50

Special price: R27.65

Euryops pectinatus

Golden Daisy, Goue Magrietjie

  • A small evergreen shrub with attractive grey green leaves.
  • Very free flowering, showy yellow daisy flowers, Sep – Jan, some flowers all year.
  • Grows best in full sun. Cold hardy. Drought hardy, but needs some water in winter.
  • Low maintenance plant. Plant in mass or as a feature plant in small gardens
  • 1 *1.5m. Plant 75 cm apart.

N4 bag; Price: R39.50

Special price: R27.50


Felicia ameloides ‘Blue’ 

Felicia, Blue Marguerite, Bloumagriet

  • A small, evergreen shrub. Many cheerful small blue daisy flowers all year, peaks in spring.
  • Grow in sun or partial shade. Cold and drought hardy. Makes a good groundcover.
  • Up to 60 cm * 60 cm. Plant at 3 per square metre.

N4 bag; Price: R27.50

Special price: R19.50

Gardenia thunbergia

White Gardenia, Witkatjiepiering

  • An evergreen shrub. Large fragrant white tubular flowers with star-shaped mouth. Sep – Feb.
  • Grow in morning sun or partial shade. Semi-cold hardy. Likes regular water.
  • 2m * 2m, slow growing, but well worth the wait.

N6 bag; Price: R105.00

Special price: R73.50

Justicia adhatoides

Pistol-bush, Pistoolbos

  • An evergreen, large shrub or small tree with dark green, large leaves.
  • Beautiful, almost orhid-like, white flowers with  purple streaking in their throat. Jan – Aug.
  • Grow in morning sun or partial shade. Cold hardy. Water regularly.
  • Very showy in full flower.
  • 3  – 6 m * 2 – 4 m. Plant 2 – 3 m apart.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R245.00

Special price: R171.50

Lobelia anceps

Swamp Lobelia, Moeraslobelia

  • An evergreen bushy groundcover.
  • Many small, pale blue and white, lobed flowers. Aug – Mar.
  • Grow in sun or partial shade. Cold hardy. Likes lots of water.
  • 15 – 40 * 30 – 40 cm. Plant 3 – 4 per sq. m. Very good groundcover for wet areas and next to water features.

N4 bag. Price R27.50

Special price: R19.25

Ocimum labiatum

Pink Sage, Pienk Salie

  • An ornamental, thick, bushy, medium sized shrub. Evergreen to deciduous.
  • Very showy, vertical spikes of tubular, pink flowers. Nov – Apr.
  • Partial shade or shade. Semi-cold hardy. Best with regular water.
  • 1 – 1.8 m * 1 – 1.5 m. Prune back harshly in spring. Feeds butterflies, bees and birds.

N5 bag. Price R69.00

Special price: R48.30


Plectranthus ambiguus

Pincushion Spurflower, Speldekussing Spoorsalie

  • An evergreen, flat growing groundcover.
  • Tubular mauve flowers on upright spikes up to 30 cm tall. Mar -May.
  • A little frost sensitive. Needs fairly regular water. Partial shade.
  • Host plant to the larvae of the Garden Inspector butterfly
  • 5 * 30 cm. Plant 3 – 4 per sq. m.

N4 bag; Price R29.50

Special price: R20.65

Salvia africana-lutea

Beach Salvia, Bruinsalie

  • An evergreen shrub with attractive grey leaves that are aromatic.
  • The large brick-orange flowers are typical salvia shape. Aug – Dec.
  • Grow in full sun. Drought hardy but likes regular water. A little cold sensitive.
  • Flowers attract sunbirds, bees and butterflies. Plant in mixed beds or can bet used as a hedge.
  • 1.5  * 1 m.  Prune back after flowering.

N5 bag; Price R79.00

Special price: R55.30

Tecomaria capensis ‘Peach’

Cape Honeysuckle, Kaapse Kanferfoelie, morapa-šitšane

  • An evergreen scrambler or shrub.
  • Very showy clusters of bright orange, tubular flowers. Aug – May.
  • The nectar rich flowers attract sunbirds, bees and butterflies. Larval host to some butterflies.
  • Best planted in sun. May be burnt by frost but typically bounce back in spring. Drought hardy.
  • 2 – 4 m * 2 – 5 m, plant 1.5m apart. Prune to shape. Can makes a good hedge.

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R225.00

Special price: R157.50

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