Here are some of the photographs taken at Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery and the property, Lesokeng, which is the nursery’s home, during February 2021.

A wasp, Belenogaster dubia, looking for food on Bulbine frutescens flowers.

A wasp, Belenogaster dubia, looking for food on Bulbine frutescens flowers. This is the same species of paper wasps that nest in our office.

A fledgling Tawny-flanked Prinia.

A fledgling Tawny-flanked Prinia.

Bauhinia natalensis flower.

A Bauhinia natalensis, Dainty or Natal Bauhinia, or Fynbauhina or Natalbeesklou, has flowers almost all year . Click on the picture to find out more about this delightful shrub.

Ceropegia linearis woodii leaves.

The patterns of the leaves of Ceropegia linearis woodii, String-of-hearts, against a retaining wall in our garden.

The flower of Pavonia sengalensis.

Pavonia senegalensis is often confused with Hibiscus calyphyllus. Both occur in Gauteng.

Orange and yellow Tecomaria capensis flowering in the Northgate gardens.

Orange and yellow Tecomaria capensis, Cape Honeysuckle, flowering in the Northgate gardens. Click on the picture for the Tecomaria capensis blog.

Lampides boeticus female.

A female Pea Blue on a plant of one of the Crotularia, rattlepod, species. She lays her eggs on the young seed pods and the larvae will burrow into the pod and eat the seeds.

Common Mynas, must be one of South African's least liked birds.

Certainly one of South African’s least liked birds, the Common Mynas. They do however remain handsome birds.

A fly, Eristalis taeniops, that mimics a honey bee for protection.

A fly, Eristalis taeniops, feeding on the pollin of an Euryops pectinatus flower-head. The fly is harmles but mimics a honey bee for protection. Click on the picture to get information about Euryops pectinatus.

Bauhinia tomentosa has beautiful butterfly shaped leaves.

Bauhinia tomentosa, Yellow Bauhinia or Geelbeesklou, has beautiful yellow flowers but also attractive butterfly-shaped leaves.

Mishka, our newest family member, showing an interest in horticulture.

Mishka, the newest Hepplewhite family member, already showing an interest in things horticultal.

A new Ladybird species for us.

A new Ladybird species, for us, still to be identified.

© Malcolm Dee Hepplewhite & Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery, (Text and Photographs) 2021.