Plants with Special Prices – May 2021

These plants are on special till 1 June, while stocks last or until the list of June 2021’s specials is published if that is after 1 June.

Restricted to 20 bulb or groundcover plants or 5 other plants of each of the varieties per customer.

The plants with green headings have online blogs. Click on the name or the picture above the name to access the blog for that plant.

Leaves and flower of Aptenia cordifolia.

Aptenia cordifolium

Aptenia, Brakvygie, ibohlolo

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special Price: R20.65


Yellow Aloe maculata flower head.

Asystasia gigantica

Creeping Foxglove, Rankvingerhoedjie

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price:29.50

Special Price:  R20.65

Buddleja auriculata flowers.

Buddleja auriculata

Weeping Sage, Treursalie

N10 (20l) bag; Price: R245.00

Special Price: R171.50


Carpenter bees are important pollinators of Chlorophytum saundersiae.

Chlorophytum saundersiae

Weeping Anthiricum

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special Price: R20.65



Coleus livinstonei plants are very attractive in flower.

Coleus livingstonei

Blue Boys, Ystervarksalie

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Coleus madagascariens 'Lynne' has striking variegated leaves.

Coleus madagascariens “Lynne”

Thicket Spurflower, Ruigte Spoorsalie

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R32.50

Special Price: R22.75

Diospyros whyteana is a lovely small tree.

Diospyros whyteana

Bladdernut, Swartbas

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Grewia flavescens in flower.

Grewia flavescens

Sandpaper raisin, Skurwerosyntjie

N6 (8 l long) bag; Price: R120.00

Special Price: R84.00

Lobelia anceps in flower.

Lobelia anceps

Swamp Lobelia, Moeraslobelia

N4 (1.6 l) bag; Price: R27.50

Special Price: R19.25

Melinis repens racemes.

Melinis repens

Natal Redtop, Natal-rooipluim

N4 (1.6l) bag; Price: R29.50

Special Price: R20.65

Miscanthus ecklonii spiklets.

Miscanthus ecklonii

Daba grass, Ruigtegras

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R65.00

Special Price: R45.50

Pavonia praemosa flower.

Pavonia praemosa

Yellow Mallow

N5 (5l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Polygala myrtifolia flowers.

Polygala myrtifolia

September Bush, Bloukappie

N10 (20 l) bag; Price: R225.00

Special Price: R157.50

Ruttya ovata flowers.

Ruttya ovata


N5 (5 l) bag; Price: R79.00

Special Price: R55.30

Thunbergia natalensis flower.

Vachellia xynthophloea

Fever Tree, Koorsboom

N6 (8 l long) bag; Price R120.00

Special Price: R84.00

© Malcolm Dee Hepplewhite & Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery, (Text and Photographs) 2021