Abbreviations used in the “Plant Blogs”.



Behind each of the common names is an abbreviation of the language of that common name. These are relatively straight forward.  Either the first three letters of the language is used (Afr = Afrikaans) or in languages with two worded names, the abbreviation is the first letter of the first word and the first 2 letters of the second word (Sso = Southern Sotho). We have tried to concentrate on the major South African languages and most commonly used common names.

Here is a list of the abbreviations used and the languages they represent:

Afr  = Afrikaans

Eng = English

Her = Herero

Nnd = Northern Ndebele

Nso = Northern Sotho

Sho = Shona

Sso = Southern Sotho

Swa = Swazi

Tso = Tsonga

Tsw = Tswana

Ven = Venda

Xho = Xhosa

Zul = Zulu


Provinces and Countries

The following abbreviations are used for the South African provinces:

EC = Eastern Cape

FS = Free State

G = Gauteng

KZN = KwaZulu-Natal

L = Limpopo

M = Mpumalanga

NC = Northern Cape,

NWP = North West Province

WC = Western Cape

Abbreviations used for Southern African countries are:

Bot = Botswana

Les = Lesotho

Moz = Mozambique

Nam = Namibia

Esw or Swa = Eswatini (previously called Swaziland)

ZA = South Africa

Zim = Zimbabwe



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